UK made E-liquid, quality and ingredients

Quality Ingredients

By using UK made E-liquids or E-juices as otherwise known is a safe bet. All UK made E-liquids have to live up to a predetermined quality. They must not contain any harmful chemicals and every batch of every flavour and every strength are tested accordingly to test for any harmful components. Obviously most E-liquids contain nicotine which in itself is harmful to the body but the quality and amount of nicotine in each batch is testing to ensure it is at safe levels and not harmful if inhaled.


Tested Against

Each batch of E-liquid is tested against the following ingredients to ensure safe and high quality use:

Diacetyl: is a chemical that is used in some E-liquids to enhance the buttery, creamy flavour. This compound can be dangerous when inhaled and can cause lung tension and other problems. It is best to avoid E-liquids that contain this chemical.

Nicotine Concentration: Nicotine in the wrong volumes can be dangerous. Inhaling too much nicotine can cause headaches, vomiting and even worse symptoms. We adviser always making sure the E-liquid you have chosen has been tested to ensure that correct doses have been used to avoid any unnecessary side effects.

Acetyl Propionyl: is an organic compound found in some E-liquids to enhance the flavor. It is an avoidable ingredient and care should be taken to avoid E-liquids with this chemical in them. Test show that Acetyl Propionyl can damage lung fibers and can cause long term damage to the user.

Acetoin: is a chemical that is used by some E-liquid manufacturers to enhance the buttery flavor and fragrance of their E-liquids. It understood that Acetoin is a lung irritant and should be avoided. It is not safe for human consumptions and care should be taken to avoid this chemical in any E-liquid you are thinking of purchasing.

To Conclude

It can be concluded that in order to avoid harmful chemicals whilst vaping that care should always be taken to seek out and ask to see the ingredients of each bottle. Most manufacturers and retailers are happy to send out their test results upon request to assure their customers of a quality vape. UK made E-liquids are by far some of the safest and tastiest E-liquids on the market to date.


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