How to Maintain Resin Wicker Furniture?

The resin wicker is naturally known for moisture resistant and weather conditions, so maintenance is less demanding. However, being resistant to some extent, such furniture requires a good maintenance and cleanliness process. This guide is intended for the people who have no idea of maintaining the wicker furniture. Let us start with the handbook and make the resin wicker furniture last for longer time.

Importance of Cleaning Furniture

Most of the people know how important it is to keep furniture—outdoor or indoor one to look fresh and feel comfortable always. It is true that the outdoor furniture is somewhat difficult to manage in keeping it maintained. This results in fading of the look and quality as well. If poorly maintained, the resin wicker can quickly become dirty and loose when subjected to harsh to dirt and dust.

Luckily, this article is here to help in telling regular practices of cleaning and maintaining of resin wicker furniture. If it is done regularly, the owner can get surety of longevity of the beautiful furniture for years to come, plus everyone will enjoy the comfort and level of relaxing.

Ways to Clean & Maintain Resin Wicker Furniture

Let us read about it in these following lines—

The Needs:

  • A soft bristle brush to clean
  • Soft laundry detergent or a mild dish soap
  • A container of warm water
  • A sponge or a soaking cloth to wipe

Other Supplies:

  • Soft & small brushes
  • Multi-surface cleaner

Get Prepared

To get prepared with cleaning the furniture, one need to start with removal the entire table tops on the resin wicker dining table and clean with cleaner. After that, remove all the cushions set on the sofa or chair and empty it with cover clothes as well.


Start with cleaning resin wicker furniture with a spray hose. Be careful to spray it gently, rather than too powerful. This helps in loosening of dirt and dust immediately. As resin wicker gas a textured surface and is soft in nature, it requires soft cleaning process. Use a soft bristle brush and multi-surface cleaner to clean all the surfaces. Use a toothbrush to get corner clean properly. Then rinse with warm water and let it dry completely.

Final State

After everything is done and is completely dry, return and keep the cushions as they were set, and place the wicker furniture in its place.

Tip: It is advised to clean the resin wicker furniture within 15 days in a proper way. And try to clean it on a regular basis to maintain its look.


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