Choosing the Right Type of E-Cigarette Battery

The electronic cigarettes have taken over the trend of traditional smoking. This is because it is smoke free and convenient to be used at public places where smoking is banned.

The major components of an e-cigarette are mouthpiece, cartridge (tank), heating element (atomizer), microprocessor, and battery. E-liquid and battery are two important parts of an e-cigarette that users need to ponder over Available in different sizes: mini, standard & high-capacity batteries, users have to make a smart choice of choosing the right e-cig battery.

e cig battery

Let’s understand the difference between the three and see which one suite your need

Mini E-Cigarette Battery

A mini e-cig battery is less powered and takes less time to charge. Due to its limited power, the mini battery offers limited performance. Having said this, the battery provides the user with a complete experience in a bite-sized format.

Even with limited power the battery can help you reach almost 175 puffs before it requires charging. The life expectancy of the battery is around 43,750 puffs.

At times, a small sized battery is exactly what the user needs to have. This mini battery is a perfect option for on the go users, those who are not much into vaping and have it occasionally. The people with a low budget can also opt for this as it is affordable due to its low power and capacity.

Standard E-Cigarette Battery

The medium sized e-cig battery can be considered as the middle ground. It is normal sized, includes an extended power; it can last for about 200 to 250 puffs with one time charging. This type of battery take near about 2 to 3 hours to get it fully charged, and the total lifespan is around 50,000 to 62,500 puffs.

High-capacity Battery

When you require an e-cig battery with high-capacity, this is the best for you to use. The electrical charging rate will be equally large as the battery size. The ability to have a battery that goes on for an extended duration is exactly what the users want to acquire. The price of this battery is a bit higher due to its increased abilities, functioning, and lifespan. The High-capacity battery works amazingly up to 350 puffs per charge. Moreover, the total lifespan is usually around 87,500 puffs. Adding more to this point, the high-capacity batteries are perfect those who travel a lot, as they will not require charging the battery for long duration.


Different sizes of e-cig batteries accommodate different preferences and requirements. So, it is better to have more sizes of batteries to select. This will allow the user to keep life easy with a backup battery while charging the other.


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