A Buying Guide To Coffee Tables: Styles & Materials

Your coffee table has many more uses than supporting beverages like a place to solve puzzles, a perfect place to read magazines, center of a chit-chat or a spot for cocktail. Don’t you think you should do some extra research about different styles and materials while purchasing the most fitting piece for your home?

Here, we have prepared a list of some most common materials and styles used while crafting a coffee table.



Wood is one of the most versatile and classy materials used to make coffee tables. Reclaimed wooden coffee tables have been a popular choice for families for centuries. Wood offers a variety of styles and designs and can be easily molded to any shape.

Source: spaceandshape.com


Metal coffee tables are made out of a range of materials like durable iron, steel, aluminum and other alloys. Resistant to water damages, a metal offers easy to clean surface and better support. Often, metal is paired with glass top or a combination of wood and glass to create stylish coffee tables.


Glass is a popular top material used in making variety of furniture pieces other than coffee tables. Due to their elegant as well as classy touch, they are a preferred choice among families.


Although rattan or wicker is an ideal choice for outdoor or patio furniture, they can also be used for homes for their rustic appeal. It is natural, at the same time elegant look of wicker that makes it stand out from the crowd.


Acrylic tables look similar to glass, but due to their price and weight, they remain unique when compared to others. If we talk about design, acrylic coffee tables offer simple and neat choice. In addition, they are easy to carry from one place to other.



Traditional designs tend to be ornate in details, for example, curved legs, rich woods, ornate carvings, etc.


Transitional furniture lies between traditional and modern furniture. They look more casual and go well with most décor styles.


Modern designs often vary from bold, bright accents to glass tops and metal bases.

Source: pinterest.com


Country style usually refers to soft colors, handmade textiles, distressed finishes, classic furnishings, turned legs, etc.


Rustic tables usually focus on natural wood, exposed metal accents, weathered styles furniture.

Hope, this quick buying guide will prove useful in your purchase, and you won’t feel any difficulty in picking up the right coffee table for your home.


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