How to Tackle a Leaking Vivi Nova Tank

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular among people. Not only people who want to get over tobacco cigarette smoking, are giving e-cigs a try, but also who want to smoke without suffering from the ill-effects of conventional cigarettes.

Vivi nova
Vaping E-cigarettes

This rising trend is due to the fact that vaping e-cigarette is considered to be safe for active as well as passive smokers. Smokers can vape on flavoured non-nicotine vaporizer to keep themselves away from the harmful effects of nicotine. It is supposed to assist chain smokers on their quest of curbing smoking addiction.
The device not only looks like traditional cigarettes, it also works like one. The cylindrical-pen-shape like device has a tank that is filled with a specific type of liquid. This liquid is burned using a battery that allows you to vape. Since it is smoke free, it can be used anywhere.

Problems Faced by E-cigs Users

Just like any other device, e-cigarette users also face some problems while using them. Most of the time it is the vivi nova tank that suffers a leakage. Though, there may be a variety of reasons for the leakage, loosening of the cap is the most common cause behind seepage in an e-cigarette. However, some consumers have been able to overcome the problem simply by tightening the cap with a coin or a flat screw driver. If you have bought the device recently, this can be an irksome problem that is easily fixable though.

Correcting the Problem

Vivi nova

The vivi nova leakage problem can be attended to, via few basic techniques. If your vivi nova tank starts leaking, then the simplest way to get rid of the problem is to replace it with a new vivi nova tank.
Some vivi nova tanks that you can get from the market are:

-ECHO Twist Vivi Nova Bundle MINI
-ECHO Twist Vivi Nova Bundle XL
-Vivi Nova Rebuildable Tank

You can get these items both online as well as offline. However, purchasing online is a more feasible option, since it saves you the hassle of commute. You can browse through online stores to find the vivi nova tank and replace the leaky one in your electronic cigarette.

In The End

E-cig is quite a useful device for both smokers and non-smokers. Since it doesn’t burns, there are no harmful effects on non-smokers or bystanders. It is indeed a much cleaner way of smoking, and people are shifting to it already, to get rid of traditional tobacco smoking habit.


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