Get more trendy with a pair of stylish Prescription Eyeglasses

Make your vision more clear with high-quality and rakish eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are available are available in rimless, semi-rimmed and rimmed styles. Contact lenses don’t provide enough protection so it is better to go for prescription sunglasses .Choose a perfect frame that complements your face and also looks fashionable on you. Various frame shapes and lens options are available in the market.

What are prescription eyeglasses?

Prescription eyeglasses are prescribed by optometrist or ophthalmologist who gives specific value for your lenses for getting accurate vision correction. The plus sign means you are farsighted and minus sign means you are near sighted. These numbers are measured in diopter. Focusing and correction power is measured in diopter. The numbers on eyeglasses are abbreviated as OS, OD, SPH and CYL.
a298aa_fTerms related to Eyeglass Prescription

•    OD- It means Right eye and it stands for oculus dextraous
•    OS-It means Left eye and it stands for oculus sinister
•    OU- It means Both Eyes and it stands for oculus uterque
•    SPH-It means sphere and it the indicates amount of lens power and it is measured in diopters
•    CYL-It stands for cylinder. It tells the amount of astigmatism.
•    PL-It stands for Plano. It means that there is no spherical correction in the eye
•    AX-It stands for axis and it is a part of astigmatism
•    ADD-Bifocal lenses and reading glasses use this value
•    Prism-It indicates the amount of prismatic power you needed to correct your vision

Advantages of prescription eyeglasses

•    Adults as well as children can wear eyeglasses
•    It is less expensive than contact lenses and other eye surgery
•    Eyeglasses helps to correct your vision
•    It does not cause any side effects to the eye
•    It protects your eye from injuries and damage
•    These lenses are available for any lens prescription which includes bifocal as well as progressive lens
•    These glasses are available for person who is suffering from presbyopia and for those who needs lens for                    reading magazines and in swimming pool.
•    It protects us from eye infection
•    You can wear the eyeglasses even when you for outing
•    Prescription swimming glasses also available
•    It comes with anti-reflective and scratch resistant coating
IMG_9077Disadvantages of prescription eyeglasses

•    Eyeglasses can be easily broken or lost
•    Sometimes eyeglasses become uncomfortable and inconvenient
•    It becomes difficult to wear eyeglasses during sports activities


Funky eyeglasses are available in various colors, designs and frames. Get perfect eyesight with latest eyeglasses.


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