Clean Cat Urine Effectively with Enzymes

Having a pet is a great gesture; however, their urine odor has got to be the moist obstinate smell. You can be a dog or a cat lover, but getting rid of their urine odor and stain is a tedious task. Most of the people who face this issue for the first time scrub the spot using heavy-duty cleaner, which looks ok initially but after few days the pungent odor makes it difficult to sit in the room. Though, frustrating you can get rid of the cat urine odor completely if you follow the right process and use the right products. There are a few cat urine enzymes for odor available in the markets that come to your resume in your bid to completely get over the pungent smell.

Although, it will be easy to get rid of a fresh stain, an older stain can also be removed–it will just require a little more hard work. Here are some steps that can rescue you against the odor.

Cat urine enzymes for odor

Step 1: Beginning

When you first find the spot where your cat has urinated, use a homemade cleaning solution made of unflavored soda water. This act prevents the urine from setting for around 15 minutes, there’s a catch to the act, which is to not pour large amount of it because it will cause the urine to spread.
Use an absorbent cloth like cloth diaper or terrycloth to clean up the spot. Do not rub the cloth because you will grind the urine, so lift it and repeat the process till you fell the cloth had absorbed the maximum it can.

Step 2: Apply Cat Urine Enzyme

You can clean the urine from the spot, but wiping out the odor is very important and for this you require a homemade cleaner or an enzyme. These enzymes or cleaners help in breaking down the urine on a chemical level to make it easy for eliminating the bad odor.
You can make these cleaner at home using lemon juice, baking soda, and white vinegar, or can opt to buy commercially available cleaners like carpet cleaning solutions and bleach. Moreover, you also have the option of picking cleaner with enzymes or bacteria. As a precautionary step, when you are opting for enzymes, don’t apply commercially made cleaner. This is because strong cleaners like mild dish soap can kill the enzymes or bacteria before they can even do their work.

urine enzymes for odor

Step 3: Dry the Area

Now scrub the soiled area with soft brush in circular motion. Let the cleaner be for about 15-30 minutes and then bolt moisture. If larger area is soiled then pull out as much moisture as possible with wet or dry extractor, while for smaller stains you can dry the area using a hairdryer.
Finally, get rid of the pungent smell with cat urine enzymes for odor and fell free at home. Repeat the process every time your cat soils the floor by urinating.


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