Hydraulic Fracturing: In a Nutshell

Over the last few years hydraulic fracturing has become immensely popular, mainly because the process is helpful in extracting unlocked resources such as natural gas, oil, water and geothermal energy from underneath the earth surface that had previously been unreachable. Hydraulic fracturing pumps are widely used for the purpose of enhancing the subsurface of the cracked system in order to get the oil and natural gas to navigate from the pores of rocks into the production wells. These wells help in bringing the gas and oil onto the earth surface to be used by mankind for various purposes.



During the initial phases of fracturing wells are created. These production wells are drilled either with vertical section or horizontal/directional sections. While the erect well sections are drilled up to thousands of feet beneath the earth’s surface, the horizontal sections are extended till 1000’ to 6000’ away from production well.

Fracturing Process

During the fracturing process, aqua mixture of chemical additives and water is pushed beneath the geological structure at high pressure. This process requires thousands of gallons of fluids. With the pressure increasing regularly, the rock fractures get weaker and the chemical fluids help in expanding the cracks, which can get extended to long distances.


Obtaining the Fractured

Once the necessary fracture is obtained, a propping chemical is pressed into the faults, which ensures that the cracks remain open while the fluid is being pumped out. After the fracturing is over, the internal pressure on the geological structures pushed the fractured fluid to reach the store pits or tanks, where it is recycled or disposed of.

Disposing the Flow Back

This recovered fracturing fluid is called flow back. It can either be disposed via underground injection or can be discharged into water. However, if not done properly, this can cause significant damage to the environment.

Buying Hydraulic Fracturing Pumps

Hydraulic fracturing process requires high strength pumps to extract the natural resources from underneath the earth’s surface. You can procure the desired hydraulic fracturing pumps from authorized dealers. These pumps are available in multiple pumping power options, thus you need to ensure that you get the right one for your business.

Since hydraulic fracturing is becoming more and more common, the requirement of hydraulic fracturing pumps is also increasing. If you also want to extract resources from the sub-surface, then you need to install these pumps in the vicinity from where you want to extract the fracture.


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