Little House of Joy- All About Miniature Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouses are a great way to kindle the spirit of creativity and imagination in children. They are a great way to understand how a child perceives the world and what their angle of observation is. Dollhouse enthusiasts, on the other hand, completely immerse themselves in creating a detailed miniature version of a world gone by, a world yet to come or the world around them. Miniature dollhouse accessories add to the realism and represent the humongous efforts the collectors have put in the little houses.

Miniature Dollhouse Furniture

Miniature dollhouse furniture has evolved over the ages. The techniques involved have improved a lot, so has the craftsmanship. The intricacy of the furniture today is seen to be believed. From tapestries, candelabras, antique vases to the pleats on the skirt of the parlor maid, everything is distinctly visible, yet merges beautifully with the overall effect.

Dollhouse furniture is also important to create an effect of the specific era or time period which you want your dollhouse to reflect. Specific furniture and décor items from Victorian, Tudor or Georgian era or the hip sixties are available to give your dollhouse the required effect.

The preferred material for collectors and enthusiasts to create dollhouse furniture is mostly wood and/or wicker. These materials have an elegant feel to them and are sturdy as well.  While choosing a piece of furniture, the purpose and the ultimate users need to be kept in mind. If the dollhouse is meant for children, then it is advisable to opt for minimal pieces which do not have lots of parts. These parts can be hazardous for children and can cause accidents like choking etc. The paint used in such pieces should also not be toxic.

Miniature Dollhouse Furniture

The best way to highlight a piece of furniture is to use small LED lights and place them strategically in the set up. They can give the required level of focus to the piece and give their own warmth. LED lighting solutions also seem to be an answer to the dark corners of your dollhouse.  Using them would ensure a fully lit and decorated dollhouse that is a pride for the enthusiasts and a great playmate for the children.


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