Kansas Jayhawk Clothing and Merchandise: Made with threads of Unity

Kansas Jayhawk ClothingThe Kansas Jayhawks are representatives of a great sporting legacy and perfection achieved through continuous discipline, practice and teamwork. Each year, the Kansas Jayhawks set an example of humility in victory, grace in defeat and an overall appreciation for sports. The attitude of playing a game true to its spirit is inculcated very early in a sports person representing Kansas Jayhawks, and the supporters also make sure they follow the same.

The beautiful, yellow beaked, red-headed, blue sweater and yellow boot wearing mascot of the Kansas football team, also known as Baby Jay or C-Jay for centennial Jay, is a symbol with which millions of citizens if Kansas identify. Kansa Jayhawk clothing is very popular with the people, especially with the youth. Football and basketball games featuring the University teams are a crowded affair, where a sea of blue and red is seen screaming their lungs out for the players.

Kansas Jayhawk clothing is not the only popular item marked with the familiar logo, but Kansas Jayhawks Merchandise is popular as well. These include bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, caps and a lot of other goodies.  The affection of the people for their team is reflected in the fact that almost every household owns some sort of merchandise branded with the Jayhawk logo.

Online stores offering such merchandise and clothing report that they receive massive orders every week, with queries coming thick and fast prior to games.  The combination of the birds, that is the adamant Jay and the predatory hawk, greatly signifies the qualities that the team is known for.

Kansas Jayhawk Clothing

Although many stands have been taken and many resolutions passed against the term Jayhawks, it still continues to be an icon for the people of Kansas. One does not find mascots with such an intense history as the Kansas Jayhawk, and it is very difficult to identify the ever smiling bird with the 200 strong men who called themselves ‘Jayhawks’ and ransacked the town of Osceola for two days, under the leadership of US senator Jim Lane on sept 22, 1861. Though the town of Osceola has still not forgiven the perpetrators, yet the term Jayhawk and its mascot has come a long way from representing factional forces of the state of Arizona.


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