The Little House of Dreams- A Brief Introduction to Miniature Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouses are an integral part of almost everyone’s childhood. They are a store of creativity, a treasure trove of wonderful stories that tickle people’s imagination and lead to splendid afternoons and evenings.  Dollhouses can be a great pastime, an educative tool or a lesson on concentration and responsibility. Observing children playing with dollhouses, one will be amazed as to how much we get to know of a child’s perspective and how they view things in life.

Miniature Dollhouse Furniture

Miniature dollhouse furniture is one of the many things that give a dimension of realism to the dollhouses. Many dollhouse enthusiasts are particularly finicky about the kind of furniture that goes into their Lilliputian houses and would not settle for anything other than the one they had thought of. The dollhouse furniture craftsmen also never disappoint, as they provide exquisite artworks with immaculate details in the tiniest of scales. Although it is not advised to provide children with delicate furniture which is expensive, enthusiasts and dollhouse enthusiasts spend hefty amounts of money to get what they want.

Traditionally, wooden dollhouse furniture has been a popular medium to make dollhouses. They are sturdy, light and give a classy vibe. Wood is also flexible in incorporating different styles, thematic patterns and interior decors. A Gregorian or a Victorian themed wooden dollhouse would be as charming as any post-modern or country themed house.

Some enthusiasts prefer to make their own furniture.  It is no doubt a daunting task, which requires tremendous amounts o9f concentration and hard work. The enthusiasts, however, are of the opinion that the effort which has gone into making the dollhouse furniture is what makes the end result sweeter. ‘Why should we make do with something that doesn’t resemble our vision?’ they say, and they do seem to have a great time with the glue, sweat and Popsicle sticks.

Wooden Dollhouse Furniture

Modern dollhouse furniture comes in an array of designs, materials and prices. One needs to be careful while choosing those which will adorn the dollhouse. The quality and the overall feel of the piece with the rest of the house are some important parameters that help determine the effect your miniature house will have on the onlookers.


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