Addressing the Issues of Mobility with Walking Sticks and Canes

People that are restrained due to limited mobility often look forward to accessories that can address their mobility issues. Many such people use walking sticks and canes for the purpose of counterbalancing the limitations they have in terms of mobility.

Folding Walking Sticks

Why Use Walking Sticks and Canes

There are various reasons why such people with mobility problems use walking sticks and canes.

  • These sticks and canes allow them to achieve the independence of moving unassisted.
  • Mobility issues could be temporary or permanent. For instance; a sudden accident may render someone periodically, for a temporary period, or permanently disable. In either case walking sticks as well as the canes help addressing the problem substantially.

Obtaining Appropriate Guidance

However it is necessary for the person trying to walk or move with the help of walking sticks, canes, or any other to obtain appropriate guidance from the physiotherapist or the doctor. Since these people are well accustomed with the anatomic features of the patient they are treating or the person whose mobility problem they are diagnosing, they can give appropriate advice on the type of sticks or canes to be used including that of the folding walking sticks.

Walking Sticks and Canes

Principles for Using Walking Sticks and Canes

Certain inherent principles are there in the use of walking sticks and canes following which could lead to best results for the user.

  • The stick or the cane should support appropriately the injured side of the anatomy of the person concerned.
  • Using the stick or cane in the right way will enhance the stability as well as balance while taking a walk with them or even while standing with pressure exerted on them.
  • Adjustments can be made while using the traditional or folding walking sticks by putting the pressure on the strong part of the body or leg as the case may be.

When the weaker leg is supported with the walking stick or canes, it will have to move together at the time of walking. It would not be proper to put the stick too ahead of legs as that could create problems of balancing and defeat the entire process of using the sticks or canes.


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